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Top 12 Women’s Fashion Trends This Fall

Women’s fashion trendsEven though we’re proudly from the south, we always enjoy keeping up with all the latest women’s fashion trends from around the world; ensuring that, regardless of where you’re from, you never have to worry about being outdated. However, with fall in full-force, we simply couldn’t let this opportunity go to waste and not share what we know. Not only would that be a crime, we simply care too much and enjoy the process of transforming your closet into what’s happening right now tremendously.

So when shopping at our online boutique, don’t forget to keep the following 12 Fall 2016 fashion trends in mind; ensuring you’re never left behind!

Let the countdown begin…

12. You simply can’t go without adding fur

We’re definitely talking about 100% faux fur clothing items, so don’t worry. The New York Fashion Week was full of it and we simply love the texture and character it adds to any fall outfit. There are various ways you can incorporate fur; either by adding a jacket, hat, or a scarf. The possibilities are really endless with different colors and textures to choose from. At the end of the way, we care about animals just as much as we care about fashion. So if you do plan on adding fur to your wardrobe, choose to do it the humane kind of way.

11. Adding a shearling vest is a must

Shearling vests are great for adding some uniqueness and design to your outfit without adding a full jacket, especially on days when the temperatures are a little bit warmer. The easiest is choosing a neutral color that goes with just about any outfit, whether you choose to match it with a skirt and OTK boots or a pair of jeans. Pretty shearling vests add a special kind of something to your outfit and will surely compliment your overall look.

10. Stick with the tan side of things

Tanning, in any form, is great for complimenting your overall look – whether on your skin or clothing choices. You may better recognize the term as khaki or soft camel; a color that every woman should have in her closet. It goes with most other colors, especially white, and can make you look years younger. So the next time when choosing a clothing item online, why not go with something more natural.

9. Never be afraid of some ruffles

Ruffles are the in-thing, especially if you have some unwanted layers that you’d like to hide. It also adds a unique twist to your outfit, giving some texture in places where you may need it most. Don’t worry if you’re not used to it. It definitely has a way of growing on you and turning any dull outfit into an interesting work of art. So don’t worry about trying something new. You may fall in love completely this fall fashion season.

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8. Plaid is back in fashion!

Wear it as an overcoat or dress, whichever way you prefer, but pretty plaid dresses are back in fashion this year. This is particularly great news for all the southern girls as plaid is the next best thing since boots, right? Match your color scheme to your style and have fun with a little bit of plaid. We know you want to.

7. Yellow and pink go well together

Who would’ve guessed? New York Fashion Week mixed blush pinks and yellows in the most interesting of ways, and so can you. You can add a little bit less yellow if it’s not your thing and more pink, or the other way around – depending purely on your personal preference. However, don’t let this interesting combo go to waste this year.

6. Incorporate an off-the-shoulder top

Don’t you just hate awkward tan lines from wearing strappy tops or dresses? It’s time to show off your shoulders by implementing off-the-shoulder tops in beautiful colors and patterns without the added tan line dilemma. Apart from the fact that it’s in fashion, over-the-shoulder tops also add a little something extra to your closet in the form of sexiness. Try it!

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5. Add a turtleneck under your dress

The days are getting a little bit colder, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to discontinue wearing dresses. You can simply add a turtleneck under your favorite dress and you’re good to go! After all, it is in fashion this year and you’ll be able to wear your dresses for longer, maximizing your wardrobe lifespan.

4. Let your gold metallic shine

Bring out the glitz and glamor by adding gold metallic clothing pieces to your wardrobe. This comes in particularly handy for girls nights out or even fun date nights. As shown on the runway, this can come in the form of a gold party dress, blouse or even pants. So don’t shy away from standing out for once in your life. You deserve it!

3. Always add a pantsuit to your wardrobe

Every woman should have a sophisticated pantsuit in her wardrobe; giving you the opportunity to walk confidently into important meetings and business lunches. Pair it with a satin blouse and you’re good to go. Remember, there’s a pantsuit for every body shape, so go with what feels comfortable and looks great on your body.

2. Choker necks are must-have items

Choker-necks have made their appearance once again, giving you the opportunity to spruce up your outfit by adding a pretty accessory or two. Available in a wide range of styles and colors, chokers are the must-have items of the season. Ensure you have one or two to match with different outfits and you’ll be able to transform your look in no time.

1. Go crazy with those floral prints

Florals are in! Whether you choose to incorporate them on your pants, dresses, or skirts, it’s definitely a must-have pattern to add to your wardrobe. You can either purchase them in store or enjoy a pleasurable online shopping experience at Lotus Boutique, but either way, you can’t pass this opportunity up to embrace being a flower-child.

Remember to keep up with the latest women’s fashion trends simply by visiting our convenient online boutique regularly. We’re forever scouring the world of fashion to ensure our customers receive only the best when it comes to an online shopping experience. However, also remember to pick items that make you happy. You don’t necessarily have to fall in love with every single fashion trend out there. Fashion is constantly evolving. So is your sense of style and taste. As long as you purchase clothing items that make you feel confident and sexy, that’s mostly all you have to keep in mind when choosing your next perfect outfit. Remember to have fun!

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