Monday, December 17, 2018

One Stop Shop For Gift Giving

With Thanksgiving behind us it means that the gift-giving season is here! The holidays are quickly approaching and we know it can be hard to find just the right gift for someone. Shopping during the holidays can be a pain and malls are always so crowded. That’s where Lotus steps in! Let Lotus be your one stop shop for all your gift giving needs- you won’t even have to leave your house! We have the best gift ideas from jewelry and accessories, to comfy sweaters, to a boutique bundle!

Buying clothes for someone can be hard. You might not know their style or exact size making it hard to know just what to get them. But accessories are one size fit all! Accessories make for a perfect gift this holiday season. Lotus has anything from the cutest earrings and necklaces to the best scarves to keep you warm this winter. A cute necklace or pair of earrings is a great gift because she can wear these pieces with so many different outfits and style them her own way. A scarf is another great gift that will keep her warm and is easy for her to pair with many different outfits. We even have adorable beanies that make for great gifts. All our accessories are such great prices as well so you can gift something for all of your friends this season!

Not only do we have the best accessories for gifts, we also have great sweaters and cardigans that make for perfect gifts for the holidays. Nothing is better than getting a super cozy sweater to keep you warm during the winter. Our popcorn style sweaters and cardigans have been a hit this season and would make for the best gift. They are so comfortable and cozy! We have so many other great sweaters and cardigans as well that we know that certain gal you’re shopping for will love. A cute sweater would make the perfect gift for anyone. Whether you’re shopping for your mom, your best friend, or that someone special in your life we have just the sweater for them! It is the perfect way to show you care by getting them a sweater you picked out just for them!

One of our favorite gift ideas we have is our Boutique Bundle! This is the best value and the most fun gift. Our bundles come with 3-6 items that either you pick out or we will style for you. When shopping for a boutique bundle, if you select the style by Lotus then we will put together a bundle that is perfect for her style! Or, you can pick out the items yourself and make a bundle of items you know she will love! This is the easiest hassle-free gift! Shopping a bundle gives you access to 30% off making this the best gift value. These bundles are such a fun surprise to whoever receives them! We even have adorable cards you can add in them to send them a sweet message. This is the perfect gift for that someone special! She will light up unwrapping her Boutique Bundle. You can even have it shipped directly to her for the best surprise gift!

Lotus is the best place to shop for all your gift needs this holiday season. We have small gifts to big gifts and just the thing you need for every girl on your list! Accessories are such an easy gift that is perfect to give all your friends. Sweaters are also a great go-to gift so they can bundle up this winter! Or shop our Boutique Bundles to give the best gift of the season! She will love a bundle all wrapped up with the cutest items to add to her wardrobe! You won’t even have to leave the house when shopping Lotus online. Lotus is the best place to shop for all the girls on your list this holiday season!

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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Getting Into The Popular Skirt Trend This Fall? Here are Great Ways to Style Skirts

Skirts are such a big trend this fall season. They are perfect for the fall transition into cooler weather. Especially down in the Southern States like in Alabama when we still have pretty warm weather. Skirts are an easy way to incorporate different fall trends into your outfits. Some major skirt trends we are seeing this season are corduroy skirts, printed skirt, and of course leather skirts. No matter how you style a skirt, you can’t go wrong this fall! You can dress them up for night out on the town or keep them more casual for a brunch with friends. Here’s a breakdown of our favorite skirt trends this season.

One of the biggest trends in fall skirts is colored cords. Corduroy is one of the classic fall materials. It is so soft and keeps you warmer than traditional denim. Colorful corduroy skirts are a great way to add this material into your fall wardrobe. You can pair a cute pink corduroy skirt with an ivory sweater and tall boots for the cutest fall look. You will be ready for any fall activity! You can also pair a corduroy skirt with a basic top and kimono for a little bit of warmer weather! A corduroy skirt is the perfect thing to add to your outfits for all your fall activities. Your outfit will scream fall!

Another popular trend this fall is the printed skirt. There are so many ways to incorporate printed skirts into your fall wardrobe! Camo and animal print skirts are so on trend and a great way to incorporate those prints into your looks this season. Camo and animal print are huge this season so why not bring them into your closet with a cute mini skirt! Velvet printed skirts are also another way to add some texture to your bottoms. Printed skirts give your outfit all the style with just one piece! Pair a printed skirt with a neutral sweater and some booties and you will have the cutest fall look! There are so many great ways to style skirts and there are so many different styles of skirts, the possibilities are just endless!

Last but not least, leather skirts are a must have this fall season. Leather skirts add the sass to any outfit. They are the perfect thing to dress up with this fall. A basic black leather skirt can be styled so many different ways for so many different occasions. A basic black skirt is a must-have for your fall nights out on the town! Leather skirts are also a fun way to add in a little color to your wardrobe. You can find a leather skirt in just about any color this season. A burgundy or rust color leather skirt is a great way to add in some color to your fall wardrobe! A leather skirt is great for your dressier fall outfits.

I love that skirts are so on trend for this fall! I hate to leave them behind in the summer. A skirt with a sweater and boots is such a cute fall look. Skirts are a great way to show off your girly side this fall. Corduroy skirts are great for a more casual look to head out on your fall day activities. Then for when you need to dress up, a leather skirt is the way to go this fall! Finding an online boutique with all the items you want in one place is possible with Lotus Boutique. Skirts are such an easy way to show off your stylish side this fall season! How would you style your skirts this fall?

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Sunday, October 28, 2018

A Breakdown On How To Wear Leggings

Leggings- Pants or Not? 

The ultimate fashion debate of late seems to be if leggings should be considered pants or not? To me, it’s all about how you style your leggings. There are so many different styles of leggings that can be styled in so many different ways. Let’s give leggings a breakdown and maybe put this argument to rest.

When I think about exactly how to wear leggings, there are tons of great ones! Of all the ways to wear leggings, the most obvious style of leggings is your classic, work out leggings. These are typically made a little thicker and are usually worn by athletes or for trips to the gym. However, with the burst of athleisure becoming a trend, we see these more often. It seems like every trendy young adult or mom is out running her errands in leggings and a workout top whether they intend on hitting the gym or not. Don’t get me wrong, athleisure wear is one of my favorite trends. If I can be considered on trend and stylish in something as comfy as leggings and a top, you can bet that’s what I’ll be wearing whenever I can. But, being realistic, most of us can’t wear workout leggings and a tank all day every day. Cue, fashion leggings!

Fashionable leggings have also become very popular. I classify “fashion” leggings as the leggings that are typically designed to look like pants yet have the comfort of leggings. Leather leggings are a major trend for this fall season and are some of my favorite ways to wear leggings while still looking dressed up. Distressed leggings and jeggings (jean leggings) are also so trendy for this coming season! These types of leggings are perfect for when you need to dress up but still want the comfort of leggings! These leggings that are designed to look like pants are perfect to wear with tunic length tops and sweaters. Since leggings are typically tighter than pants, I like to wear longer tops to make sure everything is covered.

You can wear leggings for so many different occasions depending on the style! Workout and athletic leggings are my favorite thing to wear for running errands or to throw on for class. I’ll even wear workout leggings with a casual tee top to wear out to brunch with friends on the weekends! For occasions where I want to look cute but don’t want to wear uncomfortable jeans or pants, then my go-to is leather leggings. One of my favorite looks for a night out with friends is a pair of leather leggings with an oversized sweater and booties! The leather adds the sass to my outfit and I can dance the night away with ease. Distressed leggings or jeggings are another favorite for when I am catching dinner with friends and don’t want to sacrifice style for comfort. Simple jeggings are easy to pair with a cute tunic and be comfortable for a dinner out. Then, you can eat all you want and won’t have to worry about your pants being too tight

Leggings are definitely a staple piece of my wardrobe. With fall coming up, they are the perfect way to stay warm and comfortable. Whether you are running errands or going out with friends, there is a legging style perfect for that occasion! We may never settle the debate of leggings being pants or not. With a long top, I wear mine as pants. Maybe it will always just be a matter of opinion. One thing I do know, however, is that leggings are a great way to not sacrifice style for comfort! And to me, being comfy in what I have on is all that matters.

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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Camo print is such a hot trend this season

Camouflage isn’t just for the hunters this season! Camo print is such a hot trend this season and you can get it in just about any design. The shades of dark green are what make it the perfect print for fall. This print will add the texture to your fall wardrobe. Camo outfits will give you that edgy, stylish look you have been searching for this fall season. You can wear this print in anything from camo tops, to pants, to skirts!

The easiest way to add the camo trend into your wardrobe is with a simple camo top. Camo print tees are so on trend and the perfect thing to add to your fall wardrobe. Camo tees are easy to dress up or down. You can pair a camo tee with leggings for a cute but casual look to run errands on the weekend. You can also dress up your basic camo tee with a skirt and booties and have a super cute outfit to go out with friends! For a sassier look, you can style a casual cropped camo sweatshirt top with a skirt or jeans for another cute going out look. Camo tees are easy to throw on and be ready for the day, whether you keep them casual or dress them up! They are an easy way to incorporate the camo trend into your wardrobe.

Camo tees hit the scene last year and haven’t gone anywhere, but this year we are adding camo bottoms to the mix! Camo pants are the best way to show you edgy, stylish side this season. Camo jeans are so easy to pair with a sweater or basic top and have a complete outfit. The camo print will add just enough texture and color to your outfit! For a more casual look, then a camo jogger is just the thing. A great pair of camo joggers is the perfect casual, cute outfit for the weekend. You can keep them casual to run errands or dress them up ever so slightly for brunch. Or just lounge around in the house in them! No matter what style camo pants you get, you will look great! Camo pants are the best way to show that you are keeping up with the latest trends.

If you are really looking to be sassy and stylish this fall, then a camo skirt is just the thing for you! This is one of my favorite camo pieces this season. Camo tees can get repetitive but a denim camo skirt will set you apart from everyone else. Skirts take the camo bottom trend a step farther because you can show a little skin as well. A camo skirt paired with a black top and booties is the perfect outfit for a night on the town. Camo skirts are the best way to show off your sassy, stylish side. They will give your wardrobe that edgy feel without losing your feminine side! Show off those legs in a stylish camo skirt this season to look like a true fashion icon!

When you initially hear camo you think of the outdoors and hunting, but leave that way of thinking in the past! Camo print is one of the prints of fall that you do not want to miss out on. Camo will add the edge to your fall wardrobe and show off your stylish side. The colors are perfect for your fall color palette. There are so many camo designs out there from tees to pants, to skirts. Choose the style most comfortable for you and get out there and rock it!

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Friday, October 12, 2018

Our Favorite Sweaters To Wear This Season

Well, ladies, the temps are finally dropping which means we can finally bust out the sweaters! Sweater weather is one of my favorite times of the year. Sweater outfits are so cozy and comfortable yet still can look so stylish. There are so many styles of sweaters out there and in so many different colors and prints. I wanted to take a minute to talk about our favorites this season. These are just some of our favorite sweaters to wear this season. From chunky cable knit, to off shoulder, to open back, I cannot wait to start rocking sweaters this season.

One of my favorite classic sweater looks is a chunky cable knit sweater. The cable knit gives these sweaters a throwback feel but the chunky design brings them into the modern times. I always like to have these sweaters in my basic cream and black colors. These chunky sweaters go great with so many bottoms! I love dressing up a chunky sweater with a leather skirt and tall boots for a night out. You can also pair these bulkier sweaters with a pair of skinny jeans or leather pants for when it gets a little too cold for skirts. I also love a good cable knit sweater for a comfortable travel or errand running outfit when the weather is cold! These classic look will take you so many places this season. A chunky cable knit sweater is definitely a staple piece you need this season.

Another sweater trend I love this season is the off shoulder sweater. The off shoulder design is such a fun cut to add to your wardrobe in any season. It shows off a little skin without showing too much. Since the off shoulder cut will add a little sass to the sweater, I like to get these types in a more fun color. A powder blue color would go great with your white skinnies for a winter white look. An animal print would also be perfect for an off-shoulder sweater. A cheetah off shoulder sweater will show off your inner fashionista. You’ll look just like you walked from fashion week. Off shoulder, sweaters are perfect to dress up with. The little pop of skin will be perfect for a night out on the town. A flowy off shoulder sweater would look so sassy with leather pants. You could also pair a more fitted off shoulder sweater with a skirt and have a look to dance the night away in. The off shoulder style is a great way to add some sass to a classic sweater.

Open back sweaters are another sassy twist on a classic sweater. These sweaters are business in the front and party in the back. Open back designs are so fun to add into your wardrobe all year long. They show a little pop of skin and will have all eyes on you as you walk away. Since these sweaters have a little twist to them, I also like to get these sweaters in fun colors. A burgundy or mustard color would be perfect for your fall color palette. Open back sweaters are so easy to style because they have the look of a classic sweater simply with an open back design. These sweaters pair great with jeans for a dinner with friends or with a leather skirt for a night on the town. An open back sweater is a perfect combination of classic and sassy!

Now that we can slowly feel the temperature dropping, it’s time to seriously think about your cool weather wardrobe. Gone are the days of crop tops and shorts- until next year that is. Time to break out the sweaters, jeans, and jackets in prep for the cold weather ahead. There are so many different styles of sweaters and you can’t go wrong with any of them this season. Always keep your classic cable knit sweater handy and then think outside the box and get a fun off the shoulder or open back sweater this season too! Also, don’t be afraid to play around with color and printed sweaters this season. Just because the cold weather is here doesn’t mean you have to layer over that inner fashionista in you!

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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

Trending- Fall Florals

Fall Florals Are So On Trend

When thinking of floral prints, you typically think of light colors and spring in the air, right? Well, change that thinking for this fall season. Floral prints have made a splash on the fall runways in the best way. The fall floral prints we are seeing this season are taking floral prints and adding a little grunge to them. They aren’t the light colors of spring; they have a darker color palette to flow with the season. There are so many ways you can incorporate fall florals into your wardrobe so you can look like you just walked off the runway this season. From layers to tops and bottoms, or accessories, there are so many floral trends you don’t want to miss out on.

One of the easiest ways to incorporate a floral print into your wardrobe is with a layering piece. Floral kimonos and jackets are a great way to add some print and texture to your fall outfits. Picking neutral base pieces with a flowy, floral kimono is an easy way to achieve a runway look. The layers give you the feeling of fall while the floral print really ties in that trend. Kimonos are also lightweight, making them a great layer for those states (like mine) that truly don’t get fall weather until mid-fall. For the edgy girl, a floral bomber jacket is another great way to add floral prints to your outfits. A floral bomber will show you are keeping up with the season’s latest trends. Bomber jackets are so sassy and the floral print will add some texture to your basic fall outfit.

Another easy way to bring florals into your closet this fall is with a floral top or skirt. A simple floral top that would look great with jeans is an easy way to stay up with the trends this fall. The darker colors of fall florals will make sure your outfit matches the season. Designers are doing the floral tops many ways this season. For girly girls, a floral blouse is so on trend. For the girls with a little sass, a major trend is sheer tops with floral appliques.  A floral skirt is another great way to add some floral print while still keeping that girly essence. The dark colors will keep you in the fall season but the skirt design is a little more free and flirty. Choosing a floral print for a base piece makes it easy to style the rest of your outfit. Pair your floral print with a neutral color and simple earrings and you have a great fall look for day or night!

My favorite way to add in floral prints is probably in my accessories. Accessories can make or break an outfit. They are also the best way to add some fun to your outfits. Purses and shoes are an easy way to add some color or incorporate a trend. Wearing a neutral outfit with an awesome floral print purse has me drooling this season! Statement purses are some of my favorite accessories so why not use them as a chance to incorporate a fall floral print. Floral print shoes or booties are another way to add some floral print to your outfits. Floral shoes will have you looking like you walked straight from the fashion week runways. Another accessory that isn’t technically floral print but will add that floral essence, are flower earrings. A beautiful flower stud can add that same floral feeling to an outfit without an overpowering floral print. Accessories are such an easy element to play around with in your outfits; don’t be afraid to try out some florals with your accessories this season!

Floral prints are no longer just for spring and summer with light, airy colors. Fall florals have made their presence known this season with their edgy color palettes. The colors of these prints are truly what differentiate these florals from the floral prints we will see when spring comes around. Bringing these fall florals into your wardrobe is just as easy as in spring.

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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Transition Into Fall With Layering- How To Take Your Summer Items Into Fall

Did you realize that a lot of your summer pieces can transition into your fall wardrobe when layered the right way? A lot of times we think of pieces as just being able to be worn in one season, but with layering in mind, you can incorporate pieces into your fall wardrobe from all year ‘round. Sleeveless tops and tanks that you wore freely all summer long are now the perfect tops to layer up when the cold weather comes around! Here are the best ways to layer your outfits this fall season.

When layering, it’s easiest to establish your base outfit first. This is a great way to transition into fall. I always start by picking out my top and bottom first no matter if I’m in the mood for a top and jeans or a skirt and cute tank. Once I pick out my base two pieces, then starts the fun! If I am wearing a short sleeve or sleeveless top I tend to layer with something a little heavier. This fall season, chunky sweater cardigans and denim jackets are super in style for a warmer layer. If the weather isn’t too cold, then a light utility jacket is another popular layer for this season. Another easy and stylish light layer is a kimono. You can wear a solid kimono is your outfit already has some pattern. If your outfit is solid, basic colors then pick out a fun, printed kimono to add some texture!

Next, for the layering accessories! Scarves are obviously the first thing that comes to mind with layering and rightfully so. Scarves are so easy to style and the best thing to keep you warm. As the weather transitions and it’s still warm, a light scarf is perfect to throw on with your fall outfit. When it starts getting colder, then pair your outfits with a chunky sweater scarf. You can also accessories with a cute cable knit beanie! Another accessory I love is a plaid flannel button up. I know what you’re thinking. A top as an accessory? Well, being from Alabama, we don’t get cool weather for a while in fall. So, I have my cute daytime outfit with lighter pieces to keep cool and tie a plaid flannel around my waist. Then at night when it does get a little cooler, then I already have the perfect layer tied around my waist!

Everyone knows that fall means boots and booties! To me, that just means another great way to add a layer. I love pairing my short booties with some cute socks to peak out the top. Over the knee boots are also a great way to layer and keep your legs cool while you’re rocking a skirt! Tall boots are also great to wear with jeans or leggings to keep your legs fully covered on the really cold days!

Layers are essential to staying warm, but you can still be so fashionable! It is also a great way to get the optimal wear out of your closet. Don’t just wear those tanks in summer; layer them up for the fall transition! Now that we’ve given you some tips for staying warm and layering this season, give it a try! And don’t be afraid to think outside of the box this season!

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