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The Ultimate Guide To Winter Fashion: Tips To Remember

fashion tips for womenDepending on where in the world you are, winter can be downright dreadful if you’re not fully protected from the cold; not to mention looking horrible with layers of clothing that simply don’t match. We understand those moments when all you’re after is trying to warm up, yet you don’t have enough time to mix and match your clothing items, or you don’t have enough clothing items that match one another. So instead, you opt for layering.

It’s by no means a bad thing unless you're layering all wrong and pretending as if fashion no longer exists. Remember, just because it’s winter doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your sense of style or comfort levels. Whether you’re dressing up for the office or down for a relaxing day at home, there are a few winter fashion tips to keep in mind; ensuring you still look fashion-forward and comfortable even when you’re fully immersed in a new season.

  • Flaunt your boots

It’s the time of the year that you’re able to wear your boots proudly without anyone looking at you as if you’re crazy. Country girls have a habit of wearing boots whenever, wherever, but since it’s winter, you can do whatever you want, whenever you want! Remember to keep up with the latest trends by incorporating over the knee boots. Not only are they sexy, they make your legs seem longer. This is particularly great if you’re struggling with your height.


  • Add a new belt

As the days pass, you will get tired of wearing the same old jacket in the same old way. This is where adding a pretty belt comes in handy. Make sure they match, not to create a separation between your lower and upper parts of your body. This will only make you look shorter. So when choosing a belt to wrap around your waist, choose one in the same color scheme as the rest of your outfit and enjoy your new look.


  • Purchase a pretty hat

Hats are in and come in handy sometimes as well. Apart from making a fashion statement, hats complete your look – giving you the added edge above everyone else. So when choosing a pretty hat to complement your outfit, make sure it matches your overall color scheme and feel. Available in a wide range of textures, you can simply go crazy choosing what suits your style best.

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  • Incorporate some gloves

Not only is this practical in colder wearing, protecting your hands from the cold, it’s also a great way to make a fashion statement. Available in a wide range of material, textures, colors, and even shapes, gloves can complete your look in an instant. Just remember to show them off proudly and care for them properly, keeping them in a good condition for next year.


  • Don’t forget about scarves

Apart from scarves being a winter fashion statement, pretty floral-colored scarves can also keep the fall fashion trend ongoing by adding a few flower patterns and soft colors to your winter outfit. No one said you have to wear dark and dreary colors so don’t trap yourself into thinking that. Winter can also be colorful with a few scarves in your closet.


  • Learn to properly layer

When times get tough, you’re going to want to know how to layer your clothing properly. It’s no use adding different clothing items and expecting to get the most out of it. Depending on your particular activities, adding a moisture management layer will always be first, followed by proper insulation and a definite weather protection layer. Ensure the outer layer protects you from the wind and rain/snow, but never forget about your sense of style.


  • Definitely, add some color

Winter is known for being a little bit dull in the fashion department, but it doesn’t have to be. Winter never has to be the excuse for wearing darker colors, but you also don’t have to refrain from adding some color to the mix. Often, bright pinks and purples go really well with the earthy tones, so experiment a little bit online and get your winter wardrobe ready by purchasing all your winter must-have items at our convenient online boutique.

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  • Experiment with faux fur

Faux fur is very much in fashion and has the capability of turning a dull outfit into a statement. You can mix and match different colors and pattern, use faux fur in the form of a pretty hat or even a jacket, and wear it as often as you wish. Just remember to check the labels – ensuring your purchase is 100% cruelty-free.


  • Never forget your socks

Socks definitely make a statement, and you can’t possibly wear boots without adding pretty socks to the mix. As one of those must-have items for winter, you might as well go all out and experiment with cute patterns and pretty colors – never forgetting about fashion. As we are an online clothing boutique, we very much care about even the most simple items for winter.


  • Match the clutch

Matching is very important in winter. It’ll keep you from looking like you’ve literally thrown on every clothing item in your closet. However, you can’t go anywhere without your basic items such as car keys, wallet, sunnies, and definitely a lip color or two. You’re going to need somewhere to put those very important items. This is where a matching clutch comes in handy. Keep it simple with a plain clutch or a pretty pattern clutch, but never forget about extending your sense of fashion all the way through to your handbag.

At Lotus Boutique, our main goal is to make you look as confident as you feel all whilst keeping up with the latest trends. Our convenient online clothing boutique has all the must-have fashion items for winter; keeping in mind that you can never have too many beautiful clothing items in your closet. So when it comes incorporating the latest fashion tips for women, don’t let winter steal your joy of doing what you do best – shopping your little heart out!

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