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10 Instagram-Worthy Outfits For Summer

Instagram outfit ideasMaking it onto Instagram is a big deal, at least in our books! Of course, even if we have to say it ourselves, all of our outfits are Instagram-worthy. However, in order to give you a taste of what we like and what we think you might enjoy, we thought it would be quite fitting to list our top 10 most Instagram-worthy outfits for summer – giving you great summer outfit ideas to fill your closet and brighten up wardrobe.

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#1 Off The Shoulder Blue Print Dress $34.00

Made from 100% rayon and 100% polyester, this stunning off the shoulder print dress is the perfect summer outfit idea to bring out the Mediterranean side to your summer plans. Perfectly showcasing blue prints on a white dress background, you’re sure to add a little bit of ‘summer vacation’ to your daily life – even if you don’t cross any oceans.

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#2 Purple Floral Romper $42.00

You simply can’t plan your summer without adding a purple floral romper, right? At Lotus Online Boutique, we have a range of perfectly designed rompers to match your particular body type; including this particular floral romper with long sleeves and a drawstring. Cinching you in by the waist, it’s perfect for apple and hourglass body shapes.

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#3 Peach Bodysuit $18.00

Add some flare to your summer wardrobe with our “Same Without It Peach Tank Bodysuit”, made from 95% cotton and 5% spandex for comfort. By pairing with numerous outfits, you’re sure to add some variety to your wardrobe this summer. Remember, no outfit is complete without a few matching accessories. So add a little bit of peach to your summer outfit idea list and make it a season to remember!

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#4 Peach T-Shirt Dress $26.00

Add this perfect edition to your summer wardrobe by incorporating it with a shawl for extra coverage. Perfect for lovely summer days, this “Keepsake Soft T-Shirt Dress” in peach is an ideal summer outfit idea to mix and match with various accessories and different types of shoes. Designed to be a shorter fit with a scoop neckline, you’re sure to be a showstopper this summer!

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#5 Navy Tie Dye Romper $39.50

Featured in navy, this particular strappy back romper is the perfect summer outfit idea for a warm day at the beach. Featuring a low back and a tie dye pattern, this romper is made out of 96% polyester and 4% spandex for that extra little bit of stretch. Remember, summer is the perfect time of the year to show a little bit of leg and feel a little bit freer. So don’t be afraid to add some tie dye in the form of a short romper to your wardrobe.

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#6 Brown Polka Dot Romper $48.00

This one of a kind, gorgeous brown polka dot romper is the perfect addition to your summer wardrobe – featuring an elastic waist and back zipper on the top and bottom with delicate frills along the sleeves. Perfectly matching sandals for a casual feel, this romper is perfect for pear body shapes. Drawing the attention to your upper body with the frill sleeves, you no longer have to worry about your bottom half grabbing all of the attention.

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#7 Bow Back Jumpsuit $52.00

Featuring a low back with a pretty bow to draw the attention to your curves, this particular jumpsuit is perfect for anyone who doesn’t particularly want to show a little bit of leg but still enjoys taking in the summer sun with a more exposed top half. Proudly made in the USA, this summer outfit choice is made from 100% polyester. Go on, treat yourself to the perfect jumpsuit this summer.

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#8 Tropical Slit Pant Jumpsuit $54.00

Show some leg and still remain classy with our “Fearless Floral Slit Pant Jumpsuit” made for the elegant, yet fun summer girl in mind. Showcasing two slits to show off your legs with a side bow to accentuate your waistline, this floral print jumpsuit will fit perfectly into your summer wardrobe choice. Of course, no summer outfit idea is complete without adding matching accessories, so choose wisely in order to accentuate your saucy summer style.

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Remember, when it comes to choosing the perfect summer outfit ideas, you can’t go wrong by browsing various online social media platforms to keep your options open. At Lotus Online Boutique, we keep our Instagram boutique just as fun and informative as our online store, so keep those in mind the next time you decide to venture on an online shopping spree!

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