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How To Shop Bohemian Style For Summer: 6 Styling Tips

bohemian style for summerApart from Bohemian fashion being ultra comfortable, it’s also a fan favorite amongst a few famous celebrities such as Kate Moss.  As a Bohemian enthusiast, it’s important to know how to style your new look in order to prevent looking a bit tacky or completely over the top. You want to portray a sense of beauty without coming across as a wild child; unless you couldn’t quite care less what others thought of you.

That being said, there are a few styling tips to keep in mind if you want to change your normal look to a mesmerizing Bohemian style for summer.

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Tip #1: Always remember to layer

One of the best parts about choosing a Bohemian fashion style is the fact that you can and should layer your clothing to create the full effect. Without this crucial element, you’ll simply be wearing floral pants or a lacy cardigan. Don’t be afraid to mix various fabrics or prints, as you’ll soon come to discover the immense amount of comfort experienced by adding multiple layers instead of just the boring ol’ one. Remember, though, there is such a thing as “too much”, so keep it at a maximum of three layers to prevent a simple idea in your head from turning into a big mess.

Tip #2: Wear your flower crown with pride

Fashion magazines have made it quite possible for any Bohemian fashionista to wear a floral crown during the day; at any age. In fact, the flower crown is one of the defining statements which can turn a simple layering fiesta into a stylish Bohemian look. So, regardless of what others may say, wear your flower crown with pride! There’s no rule that says you can’t resemble a flower child this summer.

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Tip #3: Take advantage of an oversized silhouette

Regardless of your hip measurements or the size of your tummy, the Bohemian fashion style looks beautiful on just about anyone. Thus, if you are planning on trying the Bohemian style for summer, be sure to make use of oversized outer layers. Whilst choosing a tight-fitting top with floral pants, you can incorporate a beautiful oversized shoal to round off your look.

Tip #4: Play around with bold fashion accessories for women

Not used to wearing fashion accessories? Now’s the time to go all out and become familiar with beautiful, bold necklaces, earrings, and bracelets. In fact, depending on the temperature this summer, it’s possible to pair your Bohemian look with a floral scarf. Remember to choose accessories which include beads, feathers, turquoise stones, and leather, as those are defining Bohemian style fashion accessories for those who want to make a statement this summer.

Tip #5: Remember your lace

No Bohemian look is complete without a little bit of lace. Whether you choose to incorporate it into your choice of bra/bralette or fancy a little bit of lace at the bottom of your blouse, don’t be afraid to add some sexy to your overall look. However which way you choose to add the necessary lace, be sure to have fun with it. Now’s your chance to feel as feminine as you’ll ever feel by making it acceptable to wear lace on the outside of your clothing.

Tip #6: Mix and match your prints

When incorporating the Bohemian style this summer, be sure to mix and match your floral prints; creating a true Bohemian look to be proud of. Remember, you don’t have to match the floral prints on your pants to those on your blouse. You can choose big prints on your blouse and small, delicate ones on your trousers. Add a few flowers in your hair. Incorporate a few fashion accessories for women. The more the merrier.

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Bonus tip: Add a floppy hat

At the end of the day, you want to round your look off with pretty sandals and a stylish floppy hat. Not only is it highly in fashion and widely sought after, it also adds to the Bohemian style to create a look worth noticing. Remember, the best way to proudly display your floppy hat is by letting your hair down or creating a rough, side ponytail with noticeable earrings. Anything less than that and you’re missing an important element in the Bohemian style.

Choosing a fun Bohemian style for summer is all about letting go and embracing the “freeness” of flowy fabrics, cute floral prints, and the flower child mentality; regardless of your age. Of course, if you’re able to achieve this look on an affordable budget, even better! We all deserve to be at a stage in our lives where we can wear just about anything we want. Wouldn’t you agree? So be sure to prepare for summer by filling your closet with affordable Bohemian fashion items worth drooling over.

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