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Miami Beach Spring Break Trends: What NOT To Wear

Spring Break trendsSpring Break 2017 is right around the corner! Think sun, think fun, most of all, think Miami fun in the sun this Spring Break! Sounds good? Great, because we’re all about having some downtime and letting your hair flow freely while looking fashionably trending with your best friends. How do you ensure you never break any of the fashion rules and remain Spring Break acceptable? You choose NOT to wear the following items to Miami Beach.

Remember, a whole week of nothing but serious fun and zero responsibilities. Make the most of it! Turn it into lasting memories and never be seen in public wearing the following:

1. Anything YOLO-related

It’s true, you only live once, but that doesn’t mean you have to continue wearing the trend for three years in a row. It’s old. It’s completely last season. Honestly, no one wants to see YOLO anywhere anymore. So in order to spare yourself the judgment and embarrassment during Spring Break, ditch the YOLO shirt forever and move onto what’s trending right now. Enjoy the moment you’re in right now without having to publically wear it on your clothing.


2. Too much bedazzle

We all want to sparkle at some point, we understand. However, leave most of the sparkle at home. This goes for guys and girls. Gold may be quite flattering for some, but don’t wear gold pants, a bedazzled cap, and a shirt with some form of gold on it. You’ll have heads turning for all the wrong reasons this Spring Break 2017. Instead, sparkle with the diamonds you choose to wear when going out on the town.


3. Stripper shoes

There’s been a life long struggle for short women to want to be tall. It’s understandable. However, there are ways to achieve a little bit more length other than wearing stripper shoes. Not only does it make you look cheap and tacky, you’re also sending the absolute wrong message; not to mention that the possibility of falling down and breaking a leg is quite real. Avoid them at all costs this Spring Break 2017. In fact, avoid them at all costs period.

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4. Too little bikini

Showing some skin is normal, but letting your booty hang out and a few other unmentionables is simply a big no-no. Remember to always try on the bikini before purchasing it. You may think you’re a size smaller than you actually are, only to find out that your bikini is slightly too small and being too lazy to go back and exchange it. Ensure your bikini fits properly by covering what needs to be covered; saving you embarrassment and dignity.


5. Black

It’s Spring Break in Miami! No one said anything about wearing black on your week off. It’s a fun time filled with plenty of parties and sun. As white dresses are particularly in fashion this Spring Break, go with that instead of choosing to wear black. Add pretty flowers to your hair. Wear bright pinks and soft pastel colors. Bring out the softness and fun in you and ONLY wear black if you absolutely must.


 6. Suggestive wording?

Sure, let’s be honest. We all know what happens at Spring Break. It’s no secret. Girls let their hair down, guys go out to ‘hunt’. It’s simply the honest truth, most of the time. However, that doesn’t mean that the suggestions should be displayed on your clothing. Separate yourself from the crowd and choose fun in the sun type of wording instead of tacky flirtatious suggestions. It’ll only send the wrong signal if that’s not why you’re on Spring Break, so hold onto your dignity ladies!


7. Mardi Gras gear

It’s a great time to thoroughly enjoy yourself and party the nights away. However, Mardi Gras gear should only be worn at Mardi Gras. Leave the beads and showgirl outfits at home. Also, avoid wearing tutus. They’re cute and come in handy when going to a ballet class, but they’ve been worn to death at Spring Break. Start a new trend. Anything that doesn’t involve glittery showgirl outfits.

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8. Pleather

Not only will you be feeling extremely hot during the day and even at night, pleather is a material that shouldn’t be worn at Spring Break. It doesn’t scream ocean and carefreeness. In fact, it can scream a completely different message if you’re not careful. Leave pleather skirts for colder winter months when you can pair it with warm stockings. Pull out your bikini, put on a pretty white dress, and add a flower in your hair.


9. Dull colors

If you want to stand out from the massive crowds at Spring Break 2017, avoid wearing dull colors. Not only will you be missing out on all the fun, you’ll simply look a little bit lost. Spring Break, especially in Miami, is there to be enjoyed to its fullest. Regardless of whether or not you’re used to wearing bright colors, now is the time to experiment a little bit. Choose pink, blue, green, blue, yellow. Mix and match. Be colorful and enjoy your time on the beach.

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10. Grandma panties (you shouldn’t even be owning them really)

Firstly, you shouldn’t own any grandma panties in the first place, however, we all have at least one pair for times when we really need to do the laundry. Leave that one pair of panties at home this Spring Break. Be a little bit flirtatious. Wear sexy undergarments. Remember, your whole mood can change simply by choosing the correct underwear.

Spring Break fashion tips come in many forms. Often, you don’t know you’re wearing something that was pretty much last year until someone points in out. This Spring Break 2017, don’t let fashion disasters keep you from having the best night out on the town or a relaxing day on the beach. Let your hair down without worrying about standing out for the wrong reasons.

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