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How To Wear Athleisure To Work: 10 Styling Tips

athleisureAthleisure is a convenient trending fashion statement made for those on the go wanting to be comfortable at all times. Who doesn’t want that? Regardless of where you’re going; to the grocery store, work, or even to the gym, athleisure is a 2017 fashion trend here to stay. So why not get on board? However, if you plan on wearing athleisure to work, you need to know how to in order to make it seem acceptable in the corporate world. If not, you may come across as somewhat sloppy and carefree, when all you’re after is to follow a trend.

Here’s how to wear athleisure to work:

1. Choose the correct materials

As comfortable as you’d like to be, you also need to consider the fact that you’re going to work; so you need to still look professional to some extent. It’s all about the type of material you choose to wear. Opt for nylon/cotton blends for staying dry when sweating during the day. It’s also a better quality look; especially if the stitching is done professionally. Remember, thicker material will also keep all your wobbly bits in place more effectively which is exactly what you need at work.

2. Wear sneakers, not heels

The last thing you want to do is wear heels with your athleisure look. There’s a reason why choosing to wear athleisure to work is even an option. You want to be comfortable and look sporty, so do just that. Wear sneakers that can go with pretty much any color if you can’t afford to purchase a few pairs. Preferably plain colors like black and gray. Embrace the sporty look and make sure that your sneakers look cool on.

3. Implement quality stitching

As mentioned before, it’s important to choose athleisure pieces with quality stitching. Not only will it prevent you from having to purchase new pieces before you actually need to, you’ll also look more ‘expensive’. You’ll look put together, even if you’re in workout clothing. Remember to always pay attention to the details. They can make or break your whole athleisure look.

4. Opt for darker colors

Even though you do get bright and bold athleisure pieces, you still want to make sure you fit in with the ‘corporate’ atmosphere. You still want to be taken seriously by your work colleagues while being comfortable. The best way to have both is by wearing darker colors to hide all the unwanted bits you don’t want anyone to necessarily see and still appear a bit more professional. Mix and match whites, grays, and blacks.

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5. Incorporate matching jewelry

Just because you’re wearing athleisure doesn’t mean you can’t wear jewelry. In fact, it’s what’s going to give you that little bit of extra professionalism; along with a little bit of make-up. Don’t go overboard, though. Depending on your personality, you want to make sure your jewelry makes you feel comfortable instead of standing out like a sore thumb. Wear big hoops if you can handle it or choose diamond studs for a more subtle look.

6. Don’t forget to accessorize

Adding accessories should also be part of your athleisure look. You’re going to work, not necessarily on your way to the gym. Choose to wear stylish sunnies with your workout look, add a sophisticated tote bag or sling bag. In fact, don’t forget to count your steps with a Fitbit or something similar. Accessorize your little heart out and complete your athleisure look.

7. Choose higher necklines

As much as you may want to show off your amazing cleavage, you still need to remember that you’re going to work. Which means you still need to be presentable and avoid wearing low necklines; especially if you work in a corporate setting. Instead, choose higher necklines to avoid any unnecessary discomfort and accidents. This is especially important to remember if you work with a bunch of men.

8. Find a supportive sports bra

Matching a sports bra with your athleisure look sounds normal, but you need to be careful about which sports bra you choose to wear. Some offer no real support and only pushes down what needs to be kept in place while you’re actually working out. Find a sports bra that offers correct contouring and adequate support so you can wear it to work if you wish to do so.

9. Leave see-through mesh at home

Some athleisure pieces have see-through mesh for workout purposes. They’re great and offer some breathing room, but can come off as a bit too much in a work environment. If at all possible, avoid wearing those pieces to work to avoid any unnecessary stares. Sure, people will look in the beginning; especially since you even dare to wear athleisure to work. It’s trending but may not be as popular in some companies as it is in others. So remain professional and avoid see-through mesh. Keep those for when you’re on your way to the gym.

10. Cover your butt

Most importantly, just because you’re wearing yoga pants doesn’t mean you need to show off your booty. You may have a great booty worth showing off, but it needs to be covered when surrounded by professionals in a work setting. Choose tops that cover your butt by adding layers. It’ll also help to hide your hips if you’re not perfectly comfortable with showing them off. Choose a top that reaches mid-hips and nothing longer or shorter. You want to hide unwanted bit but avoid looking sloppy.

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Avoid wearing athleisure to work on a daily basis; especially when you know you have an important meeting for the day. However, the athleisure trend is there for you to feel comfortable and confident for the day; even at work. Match and pair the correct items together in order to look appropriate within a work setting and remember, you don’t need to purchase expensive athleisure clothing items to look expensive.


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