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The Southern Belle’s Guide To Wearing Jeans Fashionably

online boutiqueSouthern accents, pretty pearls, and our kill ‘em with kindness mentality are but a few of the things that we’re proud of over here in Alabama; along with our ability to wear an array of jeans in various styles and colors. However, believe it or not, there are a few rules that even southern girls break when it comes to wearing jeans correctly. We don’t always mean to and we often notice other’s fashion mistakes easily, especially when it comes to the typical southern look of wearing jeans.

Yes, you can look absolutely ridiculous in something so simple to wear, or you can look fashionably stylish in what seems to be an ordinary pair of jeans. So if you want to work it like the stylish southern belle that you are; even if by choice, never forget the following tips to wear your jeans fashionably.

  1. Purchase the correct size

Find the perfect pair of jeans for women by shopping for the correct size. There’s nothing more off-putting and unflattering than purchasing jeans that are either too small or way too big. By going too small, you’ll end up with somewhat of a muffin top; something no woman wants. Purchasing jeans that are too big will create a saggy crotch area; again something that shouldn’t be seen in public. Find just the right size by browsing our size chart for correct fittings.


  1. Add pretty lace

Nothing makes an ordinary pair of jeans seem more stylish and sophisticated than by adding lace; or purchasing jeans that already have a piece of lace attached. Whether you choose a skinny pair of jeans, a bell bottom, or even opting for the shorter look, lace adds a little bit of style to what can be considered as boring. Paired with pretty pearls, you’re bound to make heads turn the next time you decide to wear a pair of jeans.


  1. Avoid torn jeans for work

Depending on the setting and style of work, it is acceptable to wear jeans to work; especially the darker kind. However, it’s never acceptable to wear torn jeans anywhere but to the shopping mall; if you must. Torn jeans should especially not be worn to work. You’ll come across as lazy and shabby; two things you should never represent at work if you want to be next in line for a promotion.


  1. Choose a high waist

This particular look will flatter you most if you have shorter legs; making your legs appear longer by taking the jean all the way to the waist. Always ensure that you even out the look by either wearing sexy heels or boots, paired with a stylish jacket and clean lines. Accentuate your waist by adding a belt where it matters most and never be afraid to show off your curves. Remember, those are what makes you more of a woman, so be proud to flaunt them in the best possible way.

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  1. Pair it with boots

Going casual doesn’t mean you have to wear sneakers with your jeans. Of course, if you’re trying to appear more youthful, then go ahead. Otherwise, pair your jeans with a pair of stylish boots. Whether you’re wearing a bell bottom/flare or a pair of sexy skinny jeans, your look will be completed by added an over the knee boot or ankle boots; both of which are trending at the moment. Add a little bit of sophistication to an ordinary pair of jeans by pairing it with what works right now.


  1. Hide your butt cheeks

No one wants to see your butt cheeks in public; especially not if you’re hoping to land a decent man. Not only does it look distasteful, but it certainly doesn’t appear to be sophisticated or fashionable. Apart from the fact that they’re highly overpriced, you’ll find a lot more uses for a pair of skinny jeans; appearing both tasteful and sophisticated.


  1. Go skinny

Nothing shows off your curves more than wearing a pair of stylish skinny jeans. Available in an array of colors and styles, skinny jeans are highly versatile; being able to wear it to various occasions and multiple settings. Skinny jeans not only cover what they should, but you can choose the torn look if you still want to show a little bit more skin. Give it a try! You’ll never look back.


  1. Embrace the jegging

Jeggings are probably one of the most comfortable pants you can ever wish to purchase; representing the form and shape of skinny jeans with the added stretch for comfort. Jeggings not only hug you in all the right places for a better fit, they also make you look more put together and stylish for having everything fit so nicely. You may be a skeptic if you’ve never tried on a pair, but you’ll never look back. Trust us!


  1. Keep sparkle at bay

It’s perfectly alright to add a little bit of sparkle, however, sparkle should be used in moderation at all times. If not, you’ll end up looking like a walking disco ball. Too much sparkle can also make you look a little bit cheap and distasteful; something fashion never represents. So if you must, add a sparkle or two, but keep it minimal.


  1. Never forget a sexy heel

Make your legs appear longer and more toned by wearing a sexy pair of heels with your favorite pair of skinny jeans. It’ll not only give your legs a full workout throughout the day, but you’ll definitely appear a lot more sophisticated and in control. Some women will envy you, most men will stare, and your confidence will shoot through the roof. Remember, nothing makes a woman feel more like a woman than a pair of fitted heels.

Bonus tip: Never forget about adding matching accessories

The use of accessories can’t be emphasized more. Not only do the right amount of them complete your overall look, they also add that extra little bit of color or sparkle that’s needed to make your jeans come to life. Always wear accessories for women in moderation and don’t be afraid to play around with a few interesting looks.

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Jeans should be the solid foundation to any Southern Belle’s wardrobe; regardless of the season. Apart from the fact that it’s a comfortable option, you can also pair your favorite jeans with numerous blouses and cardigans, heels or cowboy boots, and even matching accessories. The fashion possibilities are endless when worn correctly; never letting your sense of style down. Fully embrace your pair of jeans with the above-mentioned fashion tips for women by shopping at our online clothing boutique.


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