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Top 10 Holiday Outfits To Complement Your Curves

Holiday outfitsLet’s face it, ladies. We all have curves, whether we want them or not. As prominent or minuscule as they may be, as women, we simply can’t get away from them. We may not like all of them. Some curves are in very awkward and highly unwanted places. Others may not seem so bad. However, if there’s one thing that we do know is that, as human beings, we’re never really satisfied with what we have.

If we’re short, we want to be tall. If we have curves, we wish to be flat all round. If we have large breast, we somewhat wish we were a little bit more flat chested. If we’re flat chested, we oh so wish we could have a little bit of fat redistributed from the butt to our upper chest area. The list goes on and on. So in order to make you feel just as beautiful this holiday season, regardless of the size of your curves, we thought we’d give you a little bit of insight into what you should try on.

Remember, feeling confident is all about accentuating your curves in all the right places. Having curves isn’t a bad thing. In fact, there’s a lot you can do with it. You certainly don’t have to hide it; especially not during the very festive holiday season.

So from one woman to another, try the following 10 holiday outfits to bring out the best in your curves:


1. Jazzy Velvet Open Back Bodycon Dress

Perfect for ladies with wider hips and larger breasts as the front covers everything that needs covering without making your breasts look bigger than they may be. Some women do struggle in that department, trying to find clothes that make them look ‘normal’ and classy, while still looking beautiful. It’s really easy for women with larger breasts to look ‘cheap’ when wearing the wrong clothes for their body type. However, embrace your curves with a vivacious velvet dress this holiday season.

2. Go With The Times Cowl Neck Dress

This particular style is great for those who have a little bit of extra weight around the tummy area. It’s not always something you want to show off, and with the wrong clothing styles, your stomach region can easily be accentuated in the wrong kinds of ways. Remember to pair this style with over the knee boots to create a little bit of flare to your overall holiday look.

3. Romantic Lace Party Dress With Back Detail

This is a particularly beautiful dress for women with smaller breasts and almost definition of a waist. As previously explained, we always want what we don’t have; even when it comes to curves. Some women were born with a box frame, preventing them from having that skinny waist that every woman dreams of. With the right dress type, you can create curves when you wouldn’t normally have them. When shopping for beautiful dresses online, always remember to shop for your body type.

4. Off The Shoulder Red Party Dress

Perfect for women who’d want to hide a little bit of thigh and downscale larger breasts as the flare effect really minimizes the fact that you may have wider hips. The off-the-shoulder look adds a pretty, feminine touch and accentuates the fact that you are a curvy, beautiful woman. Add a choker of your choice and you’re good to go!

Rompers & Jumpsuits

5. Loving Him Is Red Bell Sleeve Romper

This is a particularly beautiful shape for women with smaller breasts and wider hips; for those of us who are smaller on top and bigger down below. The v-neck creates a sense of cleavage even when you have very little and allows you to wear a pretty necklace to compliment the outfit. While the waist is small, the flare at the bottom allows breathing space for your hips. Try it!

6. Fine Wine Long Sleeve Romper With Lace Detail

Perfect for women with smaller breasts and no waist. Sorry ladies, we can’t all be the same, but there are a few advantages when it comes to your body type. The great news is you can create a waist simply by wearing the correct clothing styles; including this particular romper. By adding the detail to the top half of the outfit, you’re redirecting all of the attention to your beautiful neckline. Perfect for any woman!

7. Make A Statement Red Jumpsuit

With winter quickly approaching, you do want something that can cover a little bit more skin, perhaps in the form of a jumpsuit. Perfect for women with larger breasts who’d like to downsize, the ruffles in the front create a little bit of a cover-up. Although this style is particularly meant for women with long legs, the outfit isn’t very flattering on shorter women; making them appear even shorter. However, proudly accentuate your height with this jumpsuit and never look back.

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8. Stop Whining Wine Leggings

Leggings are great for any season, especially during the colder holidays when you want to be cozy and comfortable. Ensure to cover the bum if you’re particularly curvy in that area and create definition between the bottom and the top if you’re shaped like a column. However, leggings can be worn by pretty much any body shape as long as you wear them correctly. So go on, stop whining and put on some leggings!


9. Little Red Lace Up Waffle Knit Top

Rock the lace-up trend this holiday season with a pretty red lace-up waffle knit top made especially for women with a chunkier backside. Some of us have none, others have it all, but when it comes to downsizing your bum, the best way to do that is by covering it with a top similar to this particular item, reverting the eyes away from the parts where you want the least attention.

10. With A Hint Of Shimmer Off The Shoulder Top

This beautiful off-the-shoulder top is great for women with a little bit of extra weight around the tummy area and larger breasts. The ruffles on the arms are diverting the eyes away from the mid-section; allowing you to hide your sore spots easily. This deep red is also an amazing for women with fair skin; complimenting one another really well. Give it a try. Shop online at our clothing boutique and match accentuate your body shape in all the right places.

Bonus tip: Don’t forget to complete the look with an accessory or two, which can either come in the form of a Like A Feather Floppy Red Hat or a Red Carpet Studded Velvet Choker – perfectly matching current trends.

You may have noticed the red theme, taking into consideration that there’s a specific shade of red for each skin tone. However, how can you not embrace the red when choosing a holiday outfit to get you in the holiday spirit of things? Not only does the right shade of red brighten up your face, it’ll also make you look a lot younger and more energetic. Give it a try!

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