Thursday, July 7, 2016

Sorority Recruitment Essentials

Sorority Recruitment Essentials

Do you know that bag that your best friend moms carries around that literally has anything and everything you will ever need in one place? Well, you want to make the purse you carry around during rush week "that" bag. You need to be prepared for everything. We have made a list of sorority recruitment essentials. Be prepared for recruitment week with our very helpful list. 

1. Bag 

First, you need a bag! Your bag needs to be large enough to fit everything in it you will possibly need. It also needs to be cute! 

2. Phone + Charger

Don't forget you cell phone! You are going to want your phone when you are in between parties. Don't forget a charger! Your phone battery is going to go so fast. By the time you realize it your phone will be dead, so bring your charger! 

3. Wallet

You will have a lunch break. Don't forget your wallet with your campus card in it! How else are you going to pay for that much needed meal in the middle of the day? 

4. Water + Snacks 

Water is a must have, so bring your water bottle! You will be exhausted talking to so many people! Stay hydrated with your water, and don't forget a snack! 

5. Makeup

You will need to refresh your makeup. Rush week is at the end of the summer; it is going to be hot! Bring your makeup to re apply in between parties. 

6. Mints / Gum 

We recommend bringing mints instead of gum. You will be talking to a lot of people during this week, and you do not want to be smacking in their faces. Keep your breath fresh with a pack of mints. 

7. Paper + Pen 

You will be visiting a lot of different sororities; how do you expect to remember each and everyone! Bring a notebook and a pen to take notes. Make it easy on yourself when it is time to make your preferences. 

8. Deodorant 

No one wants to be stinky! Bring deodorant, and don't forget to apply often! You will be outside make sure you smell your best to make the best impression! 

9. Flip Flops

These little babies will be a life savor! You will most likely be wearing wedges or heels at some point in the week. Make sure your feet do not kill you. Bring some flippy floppies to help you out in between parties. 

10. Umbrella / Poncho 

The weather is so unpredictable. Be on the safe side and bring an umbrella or poncho. You don't want to be unprepared for the weather. 

We hope this blog helps you out! Best of luck during sorority recruitment week. 

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